Times are changing, technologies are too. We develop and manufacture plastic injection molds, automation lines, filling machines in line with the needs of the era.

Apart from our industrial solutions, we are the solution partner of companies with the supply of plastic packaging. Basar Technology supplies high quality plastic packaging for companies in the Health and Beauty, Cosmetics, Personal Care and household industries.

It was established in 2003 in Istanbul, Turkey with a total production area of ​​7500 m2.

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in the development of advanced tooling and molding and high-capacity automation lines to cover all aspects of the packaging supply chain.

We create distribution solutions; Dispense pumps, Pump Dispensers, Bottle Pumps and Lotion Pumps are made to customer’s specification. We offer consistent and reliable performance in a wide variety of applications; Liquid soaps, Lotions, Shampoos and conditioners, disinfectants, high viscosity formulas.

We offer a range of bottles specialize in: Beauty, skincare, personal care & homecare with varying colour options, sizes and applications.

Spray caps for aerosol valves are available to match the varying applications. Best fit for insecticide control products.

Eco-friendly packaging for cotton swabs with thinnest plastic to help reducing waste for our environment. High quality boxes with a perfect transparency to demonstrate your product inside



Our mission is to produce good quality footwear maintenance products in line with the world standards, offer these products to the consumer at accessible prices and to become a production and marketing company that contributes value to the consumer and to its stakeholders.


To become a company that conducts business on a global scale on footwear maintenance products, offer original and meaningful benefits to the consumer and to be a leading company that contributes “value” to the lives of the society and its stakeholders.


Revealing the optimum in aesthetics and functionality

We also manufacture PET bottles specializing in beauty, skin care, personal care and home care with various color options, sizes and applications.

Spray caps for aerosol valves are available to suit a variety of applications.The optimal solution for insecticide products.

Eco-friendly packaging for ear picks with the thinnest plastic to help reduce waste for our environment. High quality boxes with excellent transparency to showcase your product inside.